M&W Thai restaurantWineM&W Thai restaurant
Hirschbach Riesling (White Wine) Glass $6 Bottle $22
Fruity with a hint of sweetness. Great with spicy food.  
Castle Rock Chardonnay (White Wine) Glass $6.50 Bottle $24
Nice fruit with hints of oak.  
Castle Rock Pinot Noir (Red Wine) Glass $6.50 Bottle $24
Easy drinking, light red wine.  
Avalon Cabernet (Red Wine) Glass $7.50 Bottle $28
Full bodied and rich flavors with smooth finish.  
Yalumba Shiraz (Red Wine) Glass $7.75 Bottle $29
Jammy and smooth. Pairs well with spice.  


M&W Thai restaurantBeerM&W Thai restaurant
Domestic: $3.50
Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, Coors Light, Miller Light  
Import: $4.50

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